Yamashita Yasuo
Yamashita Yasuo
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Relatives: Yamashita Kazuo (father)
Yamashita Kenzo (brother)
Manga Debut: Chapter 3
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Yamashita Yasuo is Yamashita Kazuo's youngest son.


Yasuo is an average looking teenager with black hair that he covers with a snapback cap that he wears backwards and a thin sprinkling of facial hair on his chin. He is usually seen wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans.


Yasuo is a rebellious youth who doesn't care much for his father's situation. However, despite his seemingly tough demeanour he shows his father, Yasuo is actually quite timid but hid due to his affiliation with Grandia. After Tokita Ouma effortlessly took the entire Grandia crew down, Yasuo changed his ways and became hard working.


Yasuo dropped out of high school a year before the story began, beginning with a rebellious streak, started hanging around with the wrong crowd and only came home to steal money.


He was first seen taking money from his father and then heading off with his acquaintances. When he was next seen, he was chilling in his house with the same acquaintances. Being affronted by Tokita Ohma, he then witnessed the man effortlessly take care of the entire Grandia crew. With Ohma's push, Yasuo turned over a new leaf and soon enough began working at a construction site.