Tokita Ohma
Tokita Ohma on the final day
Kanji: 十鬼蛇 王馬 (ときた おうま)
Romaji: Tokita Ōma
Epithet: "The Asura"
Status: Deceased
Age: Unknown (late 20s?)[1]
Birthday: May 2nd (Self-proclaimed)[1]
Height: 182cm[1]
Weight: 85kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Yamashita Trading Co.
Nogi Group
Relatives: Tokita Niko (adoptive father)
Kengan Wins: 7[2]
Kengan Losses: 1
Total Assets Acquired: ¥15,414,000,000
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
Seiyuu: Tomoaki Maeno (drama CD)
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Tokita Ohma (十鬼蛇 王馬, Tokita Ōma; "Ohma Tokita"), also known as "The Asura", was a man who loved to fight. He entered into the Kengan Association, fighting for the Nogi Group. Yamashita Kazuo was assigned as his manager.


Ohma had a notably muscular and well-defined body, messy dark brown hair that others compare to seaweed, and sharp, confident eyes. When he is fighting someone strong, his face usually breaks out into an ecstatic expression. Ohma was described as being handsome and attractive by many women in the series.


Ohma was rough around the edges. He was apparently rather arrogant, a trait that often surfaced whenever he fought. He was condescending against his opponents and often belittled them. He also held little qualms about provoking his opponents and enraging them.

Ohma had a lust for battle and is always eager to fight against strong people. This caused him to often challenge or provoke others into battle, such as when he provoked Komada Shigeru to a fight. Despite his love for battle, he did not attack those that refuse to fight him. Such is the case when Yamashita Kazuo and his son refused to fight him on separate occasions. He was also short tempered and can be quite violent when he is angered. Ohma was willing to physically assault Nogi, his own employer, when the latter refused to make him Nogi Group's representative fighter, before being stopped by Hatsumi Sen.

Ohma was not without his good traits however. He is less aggressive and even protective to those that support him, such as when he protected Akiyama when she was trapped together with him in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament preliminaries.

As he was born and raised in the Inside, Ohma lacked basic education on simple facts, and was also illiterate. He often called people by their full names; in the manga, he spells these names out in katakana rather than in kanji. The notable exceptions are Tokita Niko and Kiryu Setsuna.


During one point in his childhood, as a nameless youth, Ohma raced back to his residence after stealing from the yakuza. However, the yakuza came after him with one of their enforcers, Ando Jiro, pummelling him, despite Ohma's good showing. Seeing no other option, Ohma grabbed Ando and jumped out of the building they were in, much to Ando's sheer horror. Impressed by Ohma's sheer resolve, the yakuza's other enforcer, Tokita Niko, saved Ohma's life and offered to teach him his Niko Style.[3]

While practising the Niko Style, he continued his training by defeating a powerful man in a corner of "the Inside" under Niko's directions.[4] Afterwards, Niko informed him that he was ready to learn the style's secret technique, which Niko noted would be a dangerous task. Agreeing, the two travelled to Gakigahara Forest where Niko explained that Ohma had to land a single hit on Niko while wearing weights on his wrists and ankles. With Niko noting that he wouldn't be holding back, the first session ended with Ohma getting badly beat up. After the fight, Niko gave him a break, with Ohma trying to recover until sunrise, but Niko returned far sooner than Ohma expected and continued to beat him.[5] Throughout the ordeal, despite Ohma gradually weakening and having to live off the environment, after nine days he eventually realised why he was wearing the weights to fight Niko, who was way stronger than him. The next day he managed to hit Niko.[6] After that, the true battle began with Niko taking off his coat and his own weights. With Ohma in a dire physical condition, he was able to achieve absolute focus, helping him counter Niko's techniques and avoid dangerous environmental occurrences. This resulted in Ohma finally realising and unlocking the secret technique of the Niko Style, "Demonsbane". After the event, Ohma claimed he never hated his master for beating him so badly.[7]

The following contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Read on at your own caution!

A mysterious event in Ohma's past, which he only refers to as "that day," involved Niko, Taira Genzan, and Kiryu Setsuna: After achieve the secret technique, Ohma keeps training, but was interrupted by a mysterious man who can easily come near him without being detect, taunt that he and the Niko style is weak now. Ohma then proceed to fight but was easily injured with a single attack, but Ohma keeps fighting and that man uses Possessing Spirit on him by stabbing his chest, he claims that he has make him a "god". Ohma then return to normal and past out. Later wake up and searching for him and demand a rematch, but he then met Kiryu Setsuna, who also uses the Possessing Spirit in him and this time making gone berserk, nearly killing Kiryu, but Niko managed to find him and stop him from rampaging, knock him out unconscious. But that man who call himself " the real Tokita Niko" is back and fight Niko, Niko managed to defeat him. After stopping Ohma and defeat "That man", Niko is exhausted, but still continuous to fight Genzan for unknown reason which led to Niko's death at Genzan's hands. After waking up, Ohma only managed to find his sensei, lying on the ground and managed to save his last breath for him. From that day forth, Ohma devoted his life to finding Genzan and killing him.

End of spoilers!


Ohma was first seen challenging Komada Shigeru to a fight in a back alley. Irritating Komada with his perceived arrogance, the two began fighting but Ohma quickly dispatched him much to the shock of Yamashita Kazuo who was watching it all unfold. With Yamashita asking for his name as he left, Ohma introduced himself before asking the same. With Yamashita introducing himself, Ohma asked if he wanted to fight but with the former rejecting the challenge, Ohma simply left. A few days later, Ohma was called into Nogi's office where he was appointed as their new affiliated fighter with Yamashita Kazuo appointed as his manager.

Ohma was visited by Yamashita Kazuo at his residence just as he had finished hunting a large animal. Sitting down to eat, he was accosted by two men. With one revealing himself to be Ivan Karaev, he attacked but Ohma quickly floored him with a groin attack. With the other man impressed, he introduced himself as Rihito, Ohma's first opponent in the Kengan matches. On the day of the match, Ohma defeated Rihito without too much difficulty.

A few days later, during a meal out, Akiyama Kaede informed Ohma of his next opponent: Kaburagi Koji, a man who Ohma felt nothing from. On the day of their fight, Kaburagi used a multitude of underhanded tactics to impede Ohma's fighting ability. Despite initially having a tough time against him, Ohma eventually forced Kaburagi into forfeiting, thus winning him the match.

Not long after his match with Kaburagi, came Ohma's third Kengan match, this time against Sekibayashi Jun, a famous Super Japan Pro Wrestler. Unlike his previous two fights, Sekibayashi took the advantage straight away and brutally dominated Ohma with his style of wrestling moves. However, before Ohma could be finished off for good, he activated his secret technique that allowed him to attain victory. With the fight over, Katahara Metsudo suddenly arrived (with Mr. Nogi in tow) and announced the creation of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. This excited Ohma, as he reasoned that "he" would not miss the opportunity to fight in such a tournament.

After finding out that Mr. Nogi wouldn't be using him as their fighter in the tournament, Ohma angrily threatened him until Hatsumi Sen, Nogi Group's appointed fighter, arrived and introduced himself. Despite his injuries, Ohma assumed his "Advance" form and attacked Hatsumi Sen before Nogi ordered them both to stop. With the CEO informing Yamashita Kazuo that there was another way to get into the tournament, Ohma agreed for him that they would enter as a separate group. Two days later, in an unofficial Kengan match with Kengan Association membership on the line, Ohma was pitted against Yokota Masayasu and almost instantly attained victory, earning Yamashita Trading Co. Kengan membership and the opportunity to fight in the tournament.

A few months later, having recovered and prepared, Ohma encountered Kiryu Setsuna while out training and was alarmed by his sudden appearance. Shocked by how Setsuna was able to get so close to him, Kiryu Setsuna introduced himself and revealed that he had already killed Taira Genzan, the man Ohma supposedly held a vengeance against. Ohma devilishly replied that it didn't matter, as all he wanted to do was prove he was the strongest. With Setsuna ecstatic with the response, he promptly left. A day or so later, Ohma, Yamashita Kazuo, Akiyama Kaede and a new secretary, Kushida Rin, boarded the S.S. Annihilation in preparation to reach the island where the tournament would be held. Being informed that a preliminary round would take place on the S.S. Annihilation and the 123 fighters would have to fight it out until 5 remained, Ohma easily took down multiple opponents (including Jerry Tyson) and earned himself and Yamashita Trading Co. a place in the main tournament. Getting on board the S.S. Kengan, Ohma bore witness to one of Chairman Katahara's Bodyguards effortlessly take care of Hassad. On the S.S. Kengan, after discovering that Himuro Ryo was from the Inside too, Ohma left in a huff. Later, after finding out that assassins might be after them, Ohma and Rihito were suddenly accosted by a hooded figure who preferentially targeted Ohma. After trading a few blows, Ohma realised the assailant was a girl, who bluntly exclaimed that she wanted to have Ohma's children. Shocked into stupor by the statement, Ohma jetted off. With Yamashita Kazuo eventually finding him at the bow of the ship, Ohma confidently assured his readiness for the tournament.

Arriving at Ganryu Island, Ohma settled in quickly. On the first day of the tournament, Ohma observed the first two fights between Adam Dudley vs Imai Cosmo and Akoya Seishu vs Kono Haruo but left during the Mokichi Robinson vs Kure Raian fight because they weren't serious. With his fight next, Ohma represented Yamashita Trading Co., fighting against Inaba Ryo in the first round. While consistently on top during their fight, Ohma was put in a bind when Inaba used his secret technique, however Ohma stormed to victory after using his "Advance" technique. After the fight, Ohma told Urita Sukizo not to interfere in the fighters business, adding that Yamashita Kazuo agreed. Straight afterwards, he was congratulated by an overly keen Karla and then by Suoh Mihono, which he found annoying.

Later, Ohma observed Wakatsuki Takeshi's fight against Murobuchi Gozo and then the Meguro Masaki vs Muteba Gizenga fight. After Muteba killed Meguro, Yamashita Kazuo said it was unnecessary to kill but Ohma disagreed. With Yamashita Kazuo confused, Ohma said he wouldn't understand before leaving because he was "tired". Finding somewhere quiet, Ohma went to sleep and began image training within his mind. Defeating Adam Dudley and Murobuchi Gozo, he was shocked when Niko suddenly appeared. Attacking his late master, Ohma was quickly overwhelmed while Niko revealed some home truths as well as the fact that he did not teach Ohma the "Advance". With a sudden memory resurfacing, Ohma woke up with a start, wondering what his dreams meant.

At the end of the first round, Ohma challenged Kanoh Agito to a fight but was easily defeated with a single kick. Ohma began to see hallucination of Niko, enraging him and causing him to attack, but he was subdued by Katahara's two strongest Bodyguards, Takayama Minoru and Omori Masamichi. The next day, Ohma was seen training underwater and fought one of the Bodyguard Captains, Yoshioka.

He fought Kure Raian in the second round. In this round, while he initially put up a good fight using the Niko Style, Raian's innate resilience that came from his superior genes let him shrug off all the damage like it was nothing and begin to overwhelm Ohma. In a pinch, Ohma resorted to using the "Advance", giving him back the advantage and, in response, Raian used the Removal to even things out. However, the "Advance" ran out, allowing Raian to best him. But Yamashita Kazuo found out Raian's weakness and screamed it out for Ohma to hear. Remembering all of his past and his sensei's words telling him that the Niko Style belonged to him now, Ohma returned to his feet and, using the true strength of the Niko Style, proceeded to brutally defeat Raian. After the battle, Ohma lost consciousness and was hospitalised.

When Hayami Katsumasa and the Guardians started their revolution, Ohma woke up to defend Yamashita Kazuo, defeating the fourth-ranked Guardian. During a break after stopping Hayami's revolution, Ohma went deep into the island's jungle. Realizing that his body had been irreparably damaged by using the Possessing Spirit for a long time, Ohma decided that he would fight to the end and win the tournament.

Ohma was then healed by the Kure's secret healing technique and went on to fight Imai Cosmo in the third round, despite Yamashita Kazuo trying to stop him. Initially, thanks to his new-found foresight ability, Cosmo completely dominated Ohma and drained most of his stamina. Performing autophagy to continue fighting past his limits, Ohma continued using the Niko Style but Cosmo continued to counter the techniques he'd seen before until Ohma used new techniques to turn the tables of the fight. While he almost knocked Cosmo out with the Water Dragon's Vein, Ohma temporarily lost his advantage again after Cosmo broke his little finger to escape the hold, but soon attained victory after using the Water Kata's ultimate technique, strangling Cosmo with his own arm. Having won the match, Ohma thanked Cosmo for the good fight and told him that he would get stronger in the future.

The following contains HEAVY SPOILERS! Read on at your own caution!

Ohma rested from his match, using his Bone Grip technique and the help of chiropractor and also Cosmo's master, Kureishi Mitsuyo, but no sooner had the quarter-finals finished than Kushida Rin came rushing to him, telling him that Kazuo was going to die. Ohma followed Kushida to find Yamashita with Kiryu Setsuna, the latter suddenly about to attack him. Ohma began fighting Kiryu, recalling his first meeting with Kiryu and with "the real Niko," and the events leading up to Niko's death. Kiryu revealed to him that he was the one that orchestrated Niko's death, all so that he could be destroyed by his "god." He demanded that Ohma use the Advance to kill him mercilessly. However, Ohma instead defeated him with Demon's Bane, and left him alive for the Extermination Force to find.

Out of gratitude for helping them locate Kiryu, who had previously murdered three Bodyguards, Katahara Retsudo pulled strings to delay the semifinals by an hour to allow Ohma to rest. In the corridors of the Kengan Dome, Ohma spoke with his opponent in the semifinals, Wakatsuki Takeshi, for the very first time. Wakatsuki warned him that due to their injuries, their fight could result in one of their deaths, and revealed the agreement his employer made with Nogi, urging Ohma to step down from the fight. Ohma refused, and entered the ring with Wakatsuki. In the match, Ohma is completely dominate by Wakatsuki's power combine with his Karate's moves, even his Indestructiable cannot stop all the damage. Ohma uses Demon's Bane but fail due to his Water Kata is not perfect, making the damage he inflicts is weaker. After that, Wakatsuki attacks Ohma nonstop, his arm and leg began to swell up and begin losing his sense. Ohma then doubt himself can he win the match due to Wakatsuki's strength and the audience cheer for him, but after hearing the sound of Yamashita Kazuo screaming for victory, Ohma gets back in and attacks. To finish the match, Wakatsuki attacks him with a left punch, Ohma tries to use Demon's Bane. But it was Wakatsuki's strategy: make a fake left punch then attack with a full-power right punch in the face. But Ohma still use Demon's Bane to absorb and kick Wakatsuki's face, knocking him mile away. But Wakatsuki still stand up, shocking everyone even Ohma, but he can barely stay still and shaken violently, still claim he can fight and win the match. Ohma told him he was strong and attacks, finish the match with his victory.

End of spoilers!

Power & Abilities

Niko Style diagram - Tokita Ohma

Ohma's mastery of the Niko Style prior to regaining all his memories

Ohma was a powerful fighter whose strength, speed and endurance was far above any average human's; he was an excellent fighter in all statistics. When Kazuo's son Yasuo accidentally brought home a biker gang consisting of more than 100 men, Ohma defeated all of them without breaking a sweat or incurring even a scratch.[8] He had been noted to possess extraordinary kinetic vision, allowing him to clearly see the "flow of power" in his opponents, as well as an equally extraordinary sense of hearing.[9] Ohma's auditory capabilities are so well refined, he was able to identify Kaburagi Koji's specific "sounds" (breathing, heartbeat, moving joints etc.) and then resume fighting at near-full capacity, despite the cacophony of sounds around him (including the piercing drone of The Mosquito).[10] After his fight with Kaburagi Koji, Ohma learned to consciously shut out all surrounding noises in his environment except for that of his opponent, in particular, their breathing.[11]

Ever since being taught how by Niko 14 years prior, Ohma performed image training within an out-of-body experience while asleep. By imagining an environment exactly like reality, Ohma made copies of fighters he had observed and then sparred with them. He fought in an average of eight imaginary matches while asleep and had fought in well over 40,000 imaginary matches over the past 14 years; due to the principles of rote learning, this enabled Ohma's brain to act without thinking.[12]

In extreme situations where his stamina had been completely depleted, Ohma was able to involuntarily perform autophagy, breaking down his housekeeping proteins and allocating them to basic life functions, to continue fighting past his limits. In this state, Ohma was capable of fighting with more steady and smooth motions than when he was fatigued.[13]


Niko Style: A style supposedly created by Niko, his "adoptive father" and teacher. This style is made up of four different katas, or forms, each of which must be fully mastered in order for the Niko Style to be complete.[14]

  • Adamantine Kata: Indestructible
  • Adamantine Kata: Ironbreaker
  • Adamantine Kata, Ultimate Technique: Bone Binding
  • Adamantine Kata: Despite this kata being more suited towards striking, due to its simplicity and straightforwardness, Ohma considered it lame and initially avoided using it until necessary, with it being one of the katas that he was weaker in.
  • Indestructible: As Ohma was not quite as familiar with this move due to misuse, he often mistimed the clenching of his muscles, which diminished the defensive effect.[15] Later, Ohma overcame this weakness after remembering his sensei's words. While useful, it is not an infallible technique; attacks that were too powerful to block or struck rapidly break through Ohma's Indestructible, such as Wakatsuki, who is inhumanly strong, or Kiryu who used Rakshasa's Sole to attack Ohma nonstop.
  • Ironbreaker: While using Ironbreaker, Ohma could strike hard enough to leave an impression of his fists in his opponents' bodies. After utilising Void (from the Nil Kata), Ohma was able to split a large rock that was 3-4 times bigger than him in a half.[16]
  • Iron Fingers: Ohma has used this versatile technique in many ways, from catching and snapping the tip of a rapier off,[17] to pinching Cosmo's nape,[18] to enabling him to form a fist despite breaking his pinky finger.[19]
  • Bone Binding: The ultimate technique of the Adamantine Kata; using precise and delicate muscle control, Ohma was able to move his pinky finger normally despite it being broken.[20]
  • Flame Kata: Flashfire
  • Flame Kata: Flashfire
  • Flame Kata: Raging Fire
  • Flame Kata: The principles of this kata gave Ohma his incredible speed and agility. Along with the Redirection Kata, this was one of the katas that Ohma had truly mastered.
  • Redirection Kata: Entanglement
  • Redirection Kata: Weeping Willow
  • Redirection Kata: This was one of Ohma's most preferred katas and one of the two he had truly mastered.
  • Weeping Willow: Ohma commonly made his opponent's lose their balance or misdirect their attacks by altering the trajectory of their strike through flow redirection, such as during his fight against Rihito.[22]
  • Entanglement[23]
  • Flowing Edge: Ohma was capable of using this technique to snap the end of a whip in half.[24]
  • Puppet: The ultimate technique of Redirection Kata, it allowed Ohma to continue fighting despite his stamina being extremely limited; having overexerted himself from fighting in the tournament and almost depleting all his energy, Ohma utilised this technique in the tournament final against Kuroki Gensai to control his body.[citation needed]
  • Water Kata: Guillotine
  • Ohma setting up Jellyfish Hold
  • Water Kata: Jellyfish Hold
  • Ohma setting up to use Screw Cutter Jizo
  • Ohma using Screw Cutter Jizo on Raian
  • Water Kata: Seagrass Hold
  • Ohma setting up Water Dragon's Vein
  • Water Kata: Water Dragon's Vein
  • Water Kata: Water Dragon's Vein
  • Water Kata, Ultimate Technique: Water Mirror explained
  • Ohma using Water Mirror to choke Cosmo
  • Ohma using Water Mirror to choke Cosmo
  • Water Kata: This kata was another of Ohma's weaker points in the Niko Style.
  • Void: Ohma was able to access some of his obscured memories after utilising this regulatory breathing technique.[16]
  • Flame & Adamantine Kata: Flashing Steel - Blast
  • Flame & Adamantine Kata: Flashing Steel - Smash
  • Flame & Adamantine Kata: Flashing Steel - Smash
  • Redirection & Flame Kata: Flickering Flame
  • Redirection & Flame Kata: Flickering Flame
  • Redirection & Flame Kata: Flickering Flame
  • Redirection & Water Kata: Swimming Swallow
  • Redirection & Flame Kata: Will-O-Wisp
  • Redirection & Flame Kata: Will-O-Wisp
  • Combined Katas
  • Flashing Steel: One of Ohma's most commonly used techniques. It has at least 3 forms:
  • Flickering Flame: A move that Ohma used in his non-canonical match against Ryu, he used this technique to sidestep Ryu's Metsu Hadoken and then quickly attack before Ryu could put his guard back up.[27]
  • Ironbreaker Revolution: Ohma used this powerful technique to defeat Kure Raian.[25]
  • Swimming Swallow[13]
  • Will-O'-the-Wisp: While in his "Advance" form, Ohma knocked out Inaba Ryo with this technique.[28]
  • Demonsbane: The ultimate technique of the Niko Style, it is an application of all four of the katas. In his first usage of this technique, Ohma was able to counter Niko's attack and destroy a few trees and the land where they were training.[7] In the present time, Ohma used it to knock the fourth-ranked Guardian through a concrete wall (even though the Guardian was using Possessing Spirit at the time).[29] Ohma also used this technique to defeat Kiryu in the battle outside of the Kengan Dome. During his battle with Wakatsuki Takeshi, Ohma used the move twice to fight him, failing the first time and nearly defeating him with it the second time.[citation needed]

"Advance": This technique was first used in Ohma's fight against Sekibayashi, allowing Ohma to gain an advantage and win the match.[30][31] The name "Advance" is a simplified descriptor of the technique, but Ohma forgot its true name until near the end of his fight against Kure Raian.[32]
While it is most effective against smaller and physically weaker opponents such as Inaba Ryo,[14] Ohma was able to use this technique to overwhelm larger opponents like Sekibayashi Jun,[31] and match quicker opponents like Hatsumi Sen.[33] Additionally, as it was originally designed to counter the "Removal" of the Kure Clan, a similar-seeming form,[34] it allowed Ohma to fight toe-to-toe against Kure Raian while the latter was in his Removal form.[35][36]
However, despite its power, it has severe drawbacks.[35] These side effects have begun manifesting in Ohma, as evidenced by spontaneous bleeding,[37] ghost-like visions of Tokita Niko and massive gaps in his memory with Ohma even forgetting who Raian was in the middle of their fight.[35][36] Ohma himself realizes that the technique is killing him, which is the reason he calls this an "Advance": every time he uses it, he is borrowing time off of his lifespan to obtain temporary power, quite literally taking out an advance of his life.
This is the one technique that Ohma did not learn from the Tokita Niko who taught him; in fact, most of the moves of the Niko Style, particularly those that require more delicate movements, cannot be performed during the Advance.[14] Like its true name, he forgot the man who taught it to him, though he had a visceral reaction of anger connected to his vague memory of this man,[14] only to remember that he was taught it by "the real Tokita Niko" following his match with Raian.

Notes & Trivia

  • As well as being a very self-sufficient person, Ohma enjoys eating meat with his least favourite food being tomatoes.[1]
  • Ohma is the 7th most popular character in the popularity poll with 9,842 votes.


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