Tokita Niko
Tokita Niko
Kanji: 十鬼蛇 二虎
Romaji: Tokita Niko
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Relatives: Tokita Ohma (adoptive son)
Manga Debut: Chapter 28
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Tokita Niko (十鬼蛇 二虎, Tokita Niko; "Niko Tokita") was Tokita Ohma's master and adoptive father, and founder of the Niko Style. In reality, "Tokita Niko" was never his real name, but rather an alias being used by the students of the true creator of the Niko style, his master Gaoh Mukaku.


Niko was a well-defined and muscular man with long black hair, which he tied into a ponytail that hung over his right shoulder (similar to Gaolang Wongsawat), and thin facial hair on his chin. He was often seen wearing a cape.


He was a confident man who followed the beat of his own drum and did whatever he thought was best. He developed a soft spot for Ohma after their first encounter, which caused them to have a master-student relationship from that point thereafter.


Niko was one of many orphans raised and trained by Gaoh Mukaku, and was also one of many to receive the name Tokita Niko, and the mission to unite the Inside. When the resistance against him and his brothers grew stronger, Gaoh took him to the forest of Gakigahara to train him in his secret technique. While he survived and mastered the secret technique Demonsbane, he had to witness his brother Nikos die in the process, and his master vanish. He later went on a journey to trace his master's footsteps, a journey that would take him to meet Kuroki Gensai.

At one point, he took a job as a yakuza hitman, and was sent to the Inside to deal with a nameless boy who had stolen from them. After being impressed by the boy's sheer will to survive, he saved the nameless boy from the yakuza that were chasing him and offered to teach him his Niko Style before giving Tokita Ohma his current name.[1]

Ten years prior to the events of the story, Niko took Ohma with him to Gakigahara to train him in the Niko Style secret technique, just as he had learned from Gaoh. In this forest, Niko exhibited a brutal side to him like Ohma had never seen before, but once the training was over, Niko went back to his usual self. Not long after, however, Niko had to use all his strength to stop a rampaging Ohma, followed by one of his brother Nikos. Afterwards, wounded and tired, Niko fought against Taira Genzan and lost, dying due to his injuries.[2]


While Niko has been long dead by the time the story begins, Ohma's mental image of him appears first during his image training, then as a hallucination. He advises Ohma to believe in the Niko Style and recover his memories, but also warns him that his death is near.

Power & Abilities

Niko was a notably powerful individual and the student of the true creator of the Niko Style, Gaoh Mukaku. His abilities were superhuman, being capable of feats such as reacting quickly enough to deflect gun fire.[1] He also taught Ohma how to perform image training within an out-of-body experience while asleep, a skill which he presumably was able to do himself.[3][4]


  • Adamantine Kata: Iron Fingers
  • Redirection Kata: Flowing Edge
  • Redirection Kata: Change of Scenery
  • Water Kata: Bind of Pisces
  • Flame & Adamantine Kata: Flashing Steel - Blast

Niko Style: As one of the practitioners of the Niko Style, Niko is one of the best users of the martial art. This style is made up of four different katas, or forms: Redirection Kata, Adamantine Kata, Flame Kata and Water Kata; each kata must be fully mastered in order for the Niko Style to be complete.[4] His style places a high focus on adaptability and applicability, and many of the techniques are not set movement patterns but basic principles which can be applied in multiple situations.

  • Flowing Edge: Niko used this technique to deflect pistol fire.[1]
  • Change of Scenery: Niko used this technique to subdue his former employer, a yakuza boss.[1]
  • Combined Katas: Some moves of the Niko Style utilize principles from multiple katas.


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