Takayama Minoru
Takayama Minoru
Kanji: 鷹山 ミノル
Romaji: Takayama Minoru
Status: Alive
Age: 37
Height: 207cm
Weight: 140kg
Birthday: September 19th
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Dainippon Bank
Manga Debut: Chapter 17
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Takayama Minoru (鷹山 ミノル, Takayama Minoru; "Minoru Takayama") is a personal bodyguard of Katahara Metsudo and the top candidate to be the sixth "Fang of Metsudo".[citation needed]


Minoru is a large man with mid-length, disheveled hair, and his face is covered by a mask. Underneath that mask, he has both of his cheeks torn open to form an extended grin, with stitches on each side, a wound he sustained from his fight against Kanoh Agito. Like the other Bodyguards, he wears a smart black suit.


Takayama is a stern, brutal man with a short temper. He generally has a no-nonsense attitude, immediately restraining Ohma before the latter could react to his presence. Nevertheless, he remains loyal to Katahara Metsudo and has great respect for him, always seen by his side along with Omori.

He bears a deep grudge towards Kanoh Agito, after he defeated Takayama when they were younger, wounding his face permanently in the process.[1] Since that moment, Takayama stayed determined enough to swear revenge on Agito one day. Despite his grudge, he respects Kanoh as a fighter and fellow Bodyguard.

In accordance with his short temper, Takayama's fighting style is incredibly reckless and ruthless. He is willing to go to any lengths to secure victory, even if he needs to sacrifice his limbs in the process (an example of this is shown when he lets his opponent stab through his hand with a katana. Despite the injury, it allowed Takayama to effectively disarm him).[citation needed]


Takayama was one of the strongest of Katahara's Bodyguards when he was younger. But one day, he fought Kanoh and was defeated, getting his face torn open to form a grin, with Kanoh even calling Takayama a weakling.[1] Since then, he has been wearing a mask to cover his face, while still retaining his powerful fighting spirit and desire to get revenge on Kanoh.


Takayama and Omori can be seen with Chairman Katahara at all times throughout the proceedings of the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. When it was Kanoh Agito's turn to fight, Katahara noticed that Takayama was visibly irate by Kanoh's presence.

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When Ohma tried to fight Kanoh, he and Omori quickly restrained him and knocked him out, warning Kanoh not to fight outside of the ring.

When Hayami and his Guardians began their so-called "revolution", Takayama was seen fighting with the Kure to defend all the Kengan Association members. Fighting against Kito Gunji, he let Gunji stab his hand on purpose, using it to take Gunji's katana from him. Gunji then struck him with a police baton in retaliation, revealing his facial scars causing Takayama to viciously retaliate. As a last ditch effort, Gunji kicked at the Katana that was still in Takayama's hand, severing his middle finger. Takayama retaliated by striking Gunji again, knocking him to the ground, and ending the fight with a powerful stomp to the face. After the fight was over, he mocked him, saying he regretted fighting someone as weak as him. After stopping Hayami's coup, Takayama had a doctor reattach his middle finger.

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Power & AbilitiesEdit

Takayama is a brawler with little regard for his own safety. Takayama, Omori and Kanoh are the strongest members of the Bodyguards. He has an exceptional tolerance for pain and can shrug off major injuries and continue fighting with no problems. This allows him to fight in ways that seem reckless, yet prove effective; when fighting Kito Gunji, for instance, he disarmed his opponent by letting the enemy's katana stab through his hand.[citation needed] He continues to fight even after one of his fingers was severed. He is one of the few fighters that have fought Kanoh Agito and still remain determined enough to challenge him again. Takayama was also able to knock Ohma unconscious by getting behind him unnoticed, using a simple chokehold, which was an impressive feat since Ohma typically has great sense of danger.[citation needed]


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