Sawada Keizaburo
Sawada Keizaburo
Kanji: 沢田 慶三郎
Romaji: Sawada Keizaburō
Epithet: "The Bird of Darkness"
Status: Alive
Age: 25[1]
Height: 181cm[2][1]
Weight: 74kg[2][1]
Birthday: June 11th[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Murder Music
Kengan Wins: 4[3]
Kengan Losses: 1[4]
Total Assets Acquired: ¥21,090,000,000
Manga Debut: Chapter 27
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Sawada Keizaburo (沢田 慶三郎, Sawada Keizaburō; "Keizaburo Sawada"), also known as "The Bird of Darkness", is the affiliated fighter for Murder Music in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.


Sawada is a very androgynous young man with beautiful eyes with eyeshadow and eyeliner applied, carefully done eyelashes, lips with lipstick applied to them and a remarkably unique hairstyle resembling that of a Kabuki lion. Sawada has an extremely well-defined lithe figure, befitting of his ballet dancer background.


Sawada believes very strongly in manners, etiquette and fairness, especially in regards to women, getting aggressively fierce when such things are called into question. He also gets extremely offended when referred to with homosexual slurs.


Sawada was originally from a family of prominent Japanese traditional dancers and had enough talent to become heir of his family. However, an incident caused him to switch over to ballet and he eventually took the path to becoming a fighter...[1] During his time at Karei High School, Sawada encountered Rihito for the first time, starting their vitriolic rivalry.[5]


During the preliminaries of the tournament, on board the S.S. Annihilation, Sawada was one of the five fighters who progressed to the mains. Moving on board the S.S. Kengan, Sawada observed as one of Chairman Katahara's Bodyguards easily took out Hassad.

In the first round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he represented Murder Music and was set to fight Julius Reinhold of Toyo Electric Power Co., however Murder Music forfeited, gifting Julius the win. Very shortly after, Sawada called Julius out for the dirty tactics employed by Hayami Katsumasa. Saying he would take the three of them down, Sawada attacked and Meguro Masaki took him on first. With Meguro getting too riled up, Nikaido Ren prepared to calm him down while Julius stepped in to take care of Sawada. Taking Sawada's strongest attack, Julius ruthlessly subdued him by breaking his ankle and smashing him into a wall, knocking him out.

While in hospital, Rihito visited him and told him he would get vengeance on whoever had left him in his injured state. During Rihito's match against Kuroki Gensai, Sawada cheered him on from his bed.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Sawada bases his fighting style around the dance of ballet. Thus, most of his moves and techniques involve spinning his body incredibly quickly, then using the high torque to deliver powerful kicks. Because of his ballet history and training, Sawada has a high level of flexibility, sense of balance and has complete body control, down to the tips of his toes.[6]


Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Sawada's favourite music artists are the Village People and his most recently watched movie was In & Out.[1]
  • His namesake is Sawada Kenji.[1]
  • Because of Sawada's femininity, his employer Togawa Yoshiko treats him like one of her girlfriends. He and Ms. Togawa are near enough the same age and share a very close relationship, enough that they hang out with each other in their private lives.[1]