Ozu Toshio
DP - Ozu Toshio2
Kanji: 小津俊夫
Romaji: Ozu Toshio
Epithet: "The Intelligent Barbarian"
Status: Unknown, presumed deceased
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Koyo Academy Group
Kengan Wins: 11
Kengan Losses: 0
Manga Debut: Chapter 12
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Ozu Toshio (小津俊夫, Ozu Toshio; "Toshio Ozu"), also known as "The Intelligent Barbarian", was the affiliated fighter of the Koyo Academy Group as well as the former Associate Professor of English Literature in the Department of English Literature at the Koyo Women's University.[1]


Ozu Toshio

Ozu's defined musculature

Ozu was an extremely muscular and powerful looking man with tanned skin, sharp powerful facial features, a confident grin, small eyes and slicked down black hair that was parted in the middle. Despite being Koyo Academy's affiliated fighter, while working as an English Literature Professor he wore rectangular glasses.


Ozu was a very confident man, due in part to the large amount of time he put in to attain his strength as well as his undefeated record in the Kengan Matches. He took his roles very seriously, seen when he pulled no punches while examining potential fighters in Koyo Academy's hidden fight. Ozu was very fussy about his public image and maintained a gentle persona while working as an English Literature Professor, however while fighting his true fight-loving persona came to the surface.


Ozu was made to be the examiner in Koyo Academy's hidden fights in order to find potential fighters for the Kengan Matches. Effortlessly defeating the 35 registered fighters, he then spotted Kiryu Setsuna sitting nonchalantly by the wall. Attacking Kiryu, he was rebuffed after having his right arm horrifically mangled and twisted beyond reasoning. Even though he realised the difference in strength, Ozu charged at Kiryu anyway only to have his neck twisted 180°.

Power & Abilities

Ozu Toshio was a very powerful combatant, having maintained an undefeated record in the Kengan Matches and effortlessly subduing 35 fighters by himself. Having trained his mind and body for 25 years, in addition to his Herculean strength, he was considered to have transcendent combat technique as well as a level of calm intellect, making him a total all-round fighter.[1] Despite this, he was absolutely no match for Kiryu Setsuna who made quick work of him.

Notes & Trivia

  • He wrote a book called "Read With Muscle! Specific Component Training Dictionary" which is apparently quite popular with trainers.


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