Nogi Hideki
Kanji: 乃木 英樹(ノギ・ヒデキ)
Romaji: Nogi Hideki
Status: Alive
Age: 61[1]
Birthday: April 29th[1]
Height: 177cm[1]
Weight: 72kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Nogi Group
Manga Debut: Chapter 2
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Nogi Hideki (乃木 英樹, Nogi Hideki; "Hideki Nogi") is the leading director of Nogi Group.


Nogi Hideki is an esteemed looking gentleman, always seen wearing the finest threads. He has black hair that is slicked back and wrinkled yet experienced facial features.


Nogi is a shrewd individual with an experienced and cunning air about him. He has a good eye for noticing other person's useful qualities and manipulating them to benefit himself. As an experienced member of the Kengan Association, Nogi has a perceptive eye in regards to the fighting environment, being able to perceive and recognise the actions and movements of the fighters he observes.


               Heavy Spoiler

Despite not winning the Kengan Annihilation tournament, Nogi was still nomited as  the Kengan Association Chairman and as such assumed the position of the previous chairman Katahara Metsudo as the Kengan's new head.


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