Murobuchi Gozo
Murobuchi Gozo2
Kanji: 室淵 剛三
Romaji: Murobuchi Gōzō
Epithet: "The Immeasurable"
Status: Alive
Age: 43[1]
Height: 187cm[2][1]
Weight: 110kg[2][1]
Birthday: October 8th[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: United Clothing
Kengan Wins: 19[3]
Kengan Losses: 2[4]
Total Assets Acquired: ¥68,296,000,000
Manga Debut: Chapter 39
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Murobuchi Gozo (室淵 剛三, Murobuchi Gōzō; "Gozo Murobuchi"), also known as "The Immeasurable", is the affiliated fighter for United Clothing in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. He was also a legendary decathlete that dominated all areas of track and field.[2]


Murobuchi Gozo is a powerfully athletic man with a strong build, short cropped black hair with a small widow's peak, a long face, with a circle extended goatee beard and confident eyes. He is almost always sporting a confident grin. Murobuchi tends to wear clothes from the United Clothing brand, the company he fights for.


Murobuchi is a confident individual with an indomitable attitude when it comes to overcoming seemingly insurmountable challenges, no doubt due to his background as an unbeatable gold medallist decathlete.


Born to a hammer thrower father and a javelin thrower mother, Murobuchi shocked his family by standing up just 10 days after being born. But it was only in middle school that he became involved in track and field athletics, breaking records in all events. At the age of 16, he represented Japan in the decathlon and for the next 25 years he became dominant in the athletics world, achieving countless victories.[2]

Having become a national hero, his feats surpassing the boundaries of a mere athlete, Murobuchi Gozo suddenly announced his retirement two years ago at the age of 41 and he vanished from the public stage to focus solely on fighting in the Kengan matches.[2] In the Kengan matches, Murobuchi managed to attain nineteen victories with his only loss coming in his eleventh match against Wakatsuki Takeshi.[2]


While sitting on the toilet in the restroom, he noticed Kiozan Takeru annihilating the assassins that had come for his representative position and acknowledged that Kiozan was pretty strong.

When it was his turn to fight, Murobuchi represented United Clothing in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and fought Wakatsuki Takeshi. Despite putting up a better fight this time round, he still ended up losing to his rival.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

A former decathlete, Murobuchi Gozo has highly developed physical strength, speed and technique. Without any true martial arts experience, he is still a powerful fighter who relies purely on his athletic ability. As a demonstration of his condition for his boss, he demolished a trailer with his bare hands; after this feat he claimed he was at "peak" condition.[2] Despite having no formal martial arts training, he was able to perform a cross arm lock on Wakatsuki Takeshi.[5] However, his greatest asset is his physical speed, being considered the fastest man on earth; using this speed, he was able to perform the "world's fastest flying knee kick" on Wakatsuki.[5]

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • Murobuchi is modelled after (though some would say caricaturizing) Olympic hammer-throwing gold medalist Koji Murofushi.[1]
  • Murobuchi's favourite team sport is baseball.[1]
  • His favourite phrase is, "You can do it if you try!".[1]
  • Murobuchi has only been beaten five times in international competitions and his abilities sometimes exceeded specialists in their own events.[2]
  • He is well acquainted with Okubo Naoya and co-starred in a lot of sports programs with him before retiring. The two have had dinner every so often ever since.[2]


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