Long Min
Long Min2
Kanji: 龍旼
Romaji: Lóng Mín
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Toyo Electric Power Co.
Manga Debut: Chapter 65
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Long Min (龍旼, Lóng Mín) is the second-ranked Guardian of Hayami Katsumasa, but appears to have some sort of connection to a mysterious figure from Tokita Ohma's past.


Long Min is a youthful-looking Chinese man with straight shoulder-length black hair, a single strand of hair always loose, and a subtly arrogant and condescending expression on his face. Like the other Guardians, Long wears a completely white suit with a white tie and shirt.


Long possesses an air of composed arrogance about him, never losing his cool in any situation and taking things at his own pace.


He and Kito Gunji were introduced as Hayami Katsumasa's highest ranked Guardians, mirroring those of Katahara Metsudo.

Having seemingly gone missing for a while, Gunji told Long it was time for them to get ready to move.

Later, after Julius Reinhold was knocked out of the tournament by Wakatsuki Takeshi, Gunji suggested that they cut their losses and abandon Hayami as things weren't looking good for them. However Long confidently told Gunji to stay put as everything would fall into place.

Soon, after the second round had ended, Long Min and the other Guardians began their "revolution". Long and his group encountered Gaolang Wongsawat, Kaneda Suekichi, Adam Dudley and Imai Cosmo in a corridor of the Kengan Dome, noting they had bad luck running into him. At that, he began skilfully and dangerously fending them off with his dao, swinging it in wide arcs. Despite never really being in any real danger, Long suddenly left after being receiving an unknown order. Later, he killed a few more Bodyguards as he escaped Ganryu Island and informed his mysterious associate about being unable to retrieve Tokita Ohma and take control of the Kengan Association.

Power & Abilities

As the number-two man of the Guardians, Long Min has consistently defended his position in the Guardians' rankings, overcoming all but Kito Gunji. He very proficient in the use of a liuyedao, and uses the tassel on its hilt to swing it in wide arcs.[1] Long Min claims that his sword skill is "impenetrable". While fighting against Gaolang, Kaneda, Adam and Cosmo in the corridor of Kengan Dome, he exhibited swinging motions with the dao in a sphere-like range that not even Gaolang or Adam could get past.[2] Despite being number two, Long Min was noted to be leagues more dangerous than Kito Gunji.[3]


  • Possessing Spirit:[4] This is a technique which Long Min uses to increase his damage output. While in this form, his skin turns red, his hair seems to float in the air and his heartbeat grows loud enough to be heard from a distance.
    While this technique can be used as a trump card or last resort, Long Min seems to use it more liberally to overwhelm his opponents.

Notes & Trivia

  • He is related to something known as the "worm".
  • Like his fellow Guardian Ranjo, when Long Min utilised Possessing Spirit, he revealed a centipede tattoo or marking that was on his left collarbone. What relevance this tattoo has is yet unknown, but most likely has something to do with the "worm".[4]
  • Possessing Spirit has serious physical drawbacks that present themselves with common usage of the technique. Whether or not these symptoms have manifested in Long Min is currently unknown.