Long Min
Long Min
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Toyo Electric Power Co.
Manga Debut: Chapter 65
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Long Min is one of the top Guardians of Hayami Katsumasa, but appears to have some sort of connection to a mysterious figure from Tokita Ohma's past.




Power & AbilitiesEdit

As the number-two man of the Guardians, Long Min has consistently defended his position in the Guardians' rankings, overcoming all but Kito Gunji. He is proficient in the use of a dao, and uses the tassel on its hilt to swing it in wide arcs. Long Min claims that his swordskill is "impenetrable". In the battle in the corridor of Kengan Dorm, he can swing the dao in a sphere-like range that not even Gaolang or Adam can get in, Imai can only dodge it with his new technique Foresight and reflexes, But in the end, he left the fight due to an important order. When escaping, Long kills a few Bodyguard's member


  • Possessing Spirit (憑神, Tsukigami): This is a technique in which Long Min can overclock his heart to rapidly boost his metabolism, increasing his speed, acceleration, torque and, consequently, his damage output. While in this form, his skin turns red and his hair seems to float in the air, and his heartbeat grows loud enough to be heard from a distance. In addition, a mark of a centipede seems to appear on his chest.
    While this technique can be used as a trump card or last resort, Long Min tends to use it more liberally to overwhelm his opponents. It was originally designed to counter the "Removal" of the Kure Clan, a similar-seeming, yet fundamentally different power boosting form.
    However, in spite of its power, it has serious drawbacks, including blood vessel damage, cerebral haemorrhaging, memory loss and confusion, visual and auditory hallucinations, and eventually heart failure and death. Whether or not these symptoms have manifested in Long Min is currently unknown.

Notes & TriviaEdit

  • The principles involved in Long Min's Possessing Spirit technique are strikingly similar to the process of "boosting" a form of doping that athletes with spinal injuries have been known to use.