Kuroki Gensai
Kuroki Gensai, the Devil Lance
Kanji: 黒木 玄斎
Romaji: Kuroki Gensai
Epithet: "The Devil Lance"
Status: Alive
Height: 185cm[1]
Weight: 96kg[1]
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Motorhead Motors
Kengan Wins: 5[2]
Kengan Losses: 0
Manga Debut: Chapter 31
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Kuroki Gensai (黒木 玄斎, Kuroki Gensai; "Gensai Kuroki"), also known as "The Devil Lance" (魔槍, Ma Yari), is a renowned assassin in the criminal underworld and the affiliated fighter for Motorhead Motors in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.


Kuroki is a powerfully imposing individual with a large mass of black hair atop his head, thick black facial hair, including a moustache and beard, and stern hardened facial features. In combat, he wears a black gi.


Kuroki is a stern and taciturn man. He does not get along with people very well, and adamantly refuses to accept an apprentice. At the same time, he seems to be a natural teacher, and tends to teach by example in the middle of combat, even though he himself denies this.

Because of his tremendous experience and skill, he has very little patience for the arrogant, especially those who are weak. He very rarely brings his full force to bear against weaker opponents, and pulls his punches before killing blows. However, in the rare case where he is angered, his wrath is fearsome and relentless.

Before his fights he is meditating to become more present in the moment and increase his already intimidating aura. He is also a man of little words only saying the things neccessary and not being wasteful with his words and time.


Kuroki is well-connected among martial artists and assassins. He appeared to have been friends with Tokita Niko and Taira Genzan.[3] At some point in his history he clashed with and killed Mikazuchi Rei's father.[4]


He was first seen briefly drinking a beer on board the S.S. Kengan.

Representing Motorhead Motors in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, Kuroki entered the arena to fight Rihito in the first round. Dominating him from the start to finish, he quickly attained victory over Rihito. Later, after watching Kiryu's fight with Nikaido Ren, his employer asked him of his impression of Kiryu with Kuroki replying he wouldn't be able to go easy on him.

Fighting against Kiryu Setsuna in the second round, Kuroki was put on the defensive in the early stages of the match, but he eventually asserted his dominance to attain victory, nearly killing Kiryu in the process.

In the quarter-finals, Kuroki fought against Mikazuchi Rei. Similarly to his fight with Kiryu, Kuroki was initially put on the back foot by an invigorated Rei. However Kuroki weathered the storm and soon stormed to victory, knocking Rei out cold.

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Facing the seemingly unbeatable Fang of Metsudo in the semi-finals, Kuroki had a tense battle with the Emperor of the Kengan matches and eventually achieved victory.

His opponent in the final was Tokita Ohma. He defeated Ohma and won the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

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Power & Abilities

A master of the Kaiwan Style,[5] Kuroki Gensai is an extremely powerful unarmed combatant, having defeated many renowned and powerful opponents. Through a combination of his training, his experiences from his lifetime of fighting and assassinations and his overwhelming skill, Kuroki is easily one of the strongest fighters in the tournament. As a component of the Kaiwan Style, Kuroki is able to use karate to a masterful level, with Himuro saying he had never seen anyone use karate so perfectly.[6] By his own admission, he hates fighting weaklings, so he tends to use basic karate to illustrate the gap in power. Only after Kuroki recognises that his opponent actually poses a threat, will he get serious. The combination of his excellent martial arts prowess and his masterful predictive capabilities give Kuroki almost impregnable flawless defensive abilities.


Kaiwan Style: This martial art is an assassination style that originated in the Ryukyu Kingdom; it is a style that combines the traits of Okinawan karate, traditional Ryukyuan martial arts and Chinese wushu.[7] The Kaiwan Style places high emphasis on partial training, kata training, research of meridians, acupuncture points and qigong.[7] However, the most extreme part of the Kaiwan Style is the hand conditioning users undergo, with Kuroki spending most of his time training his hand by stabbing things like sandbags, bamboo poles and even stone;[7] hand conditioning is performed every day without rest, even if the user's arm is broken or shredded.[8] This conditioning gives Kuroki hands that are as tough as steel[9] and fingers that are capable of punching through solid steel.[10] His extreme strength and dexterity of his limbs and appendages is so great that he was able to carve an intricate image of a Deva into a stone wall.[11]

  • Devil Lance: Kuroki's signature move. Putting his fingers in a formation remarkably similar to nukite, he then he stabs his opponent with it. Due to Kuroki's fingers being abnormally sturdy and tough after his training, he can easily punch right though solid steel and human flesh with this technique; in this manner, Kuroki can easily kill a human with this technique by stabbing them in the heart. Even after he broke two of the fingers on his right hand after his fights with Kiryu Setsuna and Mikazuchi Rei, he was still able to puncture Kanoh Agito's arm with his right thumb.[citation needed]
  • Motionlessness:[12] The name of "foresight" within the Kaiwan Style. As a result of mastering Motionlessness, Kuroki is a master of prediction, perhaps more so than any other fighter in the tournament, with Kaneda Suekichi regarding him as having reached the "pinnacle" of foresight.[13] At the age of 35 years old, Kuroki asked his friend to shoot him with a rifle, making sure he covered his face to make Kuroki didn't know when he would shoot; even then, Kuroki still stopped the bullet at point-blank range with a jug full of sand.[13] Kuroki's mastered Motionlessness and quick reflexes enabled him to decisively counter Mikazuchi Rei's speed even though Rei was moving so fast that he could no longer be tracked with human eyes.[13] Because of his mastered Motionlessness, Kuroki is even able to utilise it in an offensive manner, such as when he completely countered Rei's insanely fast Lightning Flash by placing his fist where Rei would be when he attacked.[13]

Other than being a master of Kaiwan Style, Kuroki can also use a technique similar to the Niko Style's Bone Binding which allows him to adequately control his right hand and fingers despite them being completely broken.[citation needed]