Kure Raian
Kure Raian
Kanji: 呉 雷庵
Romaji: Kure Raian
Epithet: "The Devil"
Status: Alive
Age: 21
Height: 188 Cm
Weight: 94 Kg
Birthday: July 26th
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Kure Clan
Relatives: Kure Fusui(Sister)

Kure Erioh(Great Grandfather?) Kure Karla(?) Kure Hollis(?) Kure Horio(?) Kure Reichi(?) Kure Henzo(?)

Kengan Wins: 1
Kengan Losses: 1
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Kure Raian (呉 雷庵, Kure Raian; "Raian Kure"), also known as "The Devil", is the affiliated fighter for Under Mount, Inc. in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament and one of the three assassins in the tournament.


Raian is an intimidating man, with a muscular well-defined physique. He has short spiked light grey hair with a small widow's peak and notch on the right side of his hairline, the sclera of his eyes are a dark almost-black colour with whitened pupils (a common trait of the Kure Clan) and a sadistic grin that is almost perpetually painted across his face.


Kure Raian appears to be a somewhat unstable individual. Unlike other participating members in the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, he tends to be more aggressive and offensive towards others. He wished to kill all the participants of the tournament to show that he is the "strongest". Raian is also one to pick fights against others and often provokes them to get a rise, such as when he flipped off Mokichi. He is also shown to be somewhat sadistic, enjoying himself as he fought and toyed with Mokichi Robinson.


Alongside Kure Erioh, he observed Tokita Ohma's first Kengan match against Rihito.

On the S.S. Kengan, Raian found the situation audibly humorous when Karla returned and revealed she had a crush on someone. With Erioh incensed by her falling for Ohma, Raian was left laughing his head off, before telling his grandfather to calm down as he was releasing his "restraints". Later, Erioh confirmed with the group that Raian would be representing Under Mount, Inc. in the upcoming tournament, causing Raian to excitedly exclaim that he would kill everyone.

On the first day of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, just before it was time for him to go out for his match, Raian physically harassed Rihito in the toilets. Covered in blood, Raian came out to face Mokichi Robinson in the first round. Despite being evenly matched in the beginning of their fight, Raian soon used the secret Kure Clan technique "Removal" and quickly began to inflict a no-holds barred beatdown upon Mokichi, ending it by ruthlessly breaking the man's neck and smashing him into the ground.

After his fight, he encountered Mikazuchi Rei and the two had a very brief altercation until Erioh arrived and managed to persuade Raian to rein in his savagery.

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In the second round of the tournament, Raian fought against Tokita Ohma.

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Power & AbilitiesEdit

Kure Raian's Removal

Raian removing his limiter

Raian is a powerful combatant and martial artist who has mastered a wide range of Japanese martial arts that have been incorporated into the Kure Clan. To that end, he is well aware of the practices, techniques and capabilities of a vast number of Japanese martial arts styles as well as how to counter and exploit them. He is also more than happy to fight dirty, using tactics such as splashing blood into his opponent's eyes to limit their vision.[1]

Raian believes that there is no one who he cannot dominate with pure physical strength, and therefore uses brute strength alone, instead of other Kure Clan techniques.[2]

He is one of two fighters who Kanoh Agito said "outclasses" Wakatsuki Takeshi, the other being Julius Reinhold.[3]

Kure Clan Ability: Removal: The most unique ability of the Kure Clan, this involves removing the mental limiter which keeps humans from using more than 30% of their body's physical capacity. Using this technique makes his skin turn red with his blood vessels bulging on the surface, as he breaks the limits of his body to access "demonic" strength, speed, endurance and power. Raian is able to access 100% of his latent power with no known drawbacks, more than any member of the Kure Clan in generations.[4] However, he cannot maintain this state for very long.

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