The Kure Clan is a powerful league of assassins that are notorious throughout the criminal underworld they are widely known as "The Taboo Descendants". Around a particular city 500 kilometres away from Tokyo, they are the most influential clan within that city's region.[1]


Kure Clan Secret Technique - Removal

The Kure's secret technique: Removal

Ever since the Asuka period, the Kure Clan has undergone a 1300 year process of selective breeding, adoption of special techniques and outside combat arts; as a result, with each generation, the Kure have become a race specialised for battle.[2] According to the clan's current patriarch, there is no move the Kure cannot combat. Through this selective breeding process the Kure have also attained peak physical performance, including strength, durability, and most notably, the ability to consciously remove their brain's limits on their muscular strength (as well as the physical constitution needed to handle unrestrained exertion of the muscle's strength).[3] The release rate of one's available power depends on the individual's talents. The Kure Clan is also known to have an extremely high pain tolerance; in their blood, they can control over 20 kinds of endorphins and combine with their abnormal physical resilience, that allows them to easily endure any damage, whether it be from a slashing attacks or being smashed to the ground.[citation needed]

Known MembersEdit

DP - Kure Henzo
Kure Henzo
Kure Horio
Kure Horio
Kure Reiichi
Kure Reiichi

Notes & TriviaEdit

Kure vs Mikazuchi (Raishin Style)

Kure's long-held opposition against the Raishin Style

  • The Kure Clan are inspired by the Gracie family, a prominent Brazilian family who developed and championed Brazilian jiu-jitsu.[4]
  • Most likely due to their special ability and their darkened near-black sclera and whitened irises and pupils, it is said that demons dwell within the Kure.[1]
  • As competitors in the assassination business, they have a rivalry with the Mikazuchi Clan. Their rivalry goes way back, with the Mikazuchi's Raishin Style being used to stand against the Kure Clan for generations.[5]