The Kengan matches are a system implemented over 300 years before the storyline that enables large corporations, organisations and businesses to settle conflicts and business deals by sending fighters to determine the victor in organised fights.


In Shotoku Year 5 (1715), in the darker recesses of the nation of Japan, there were bloody conflicts between the merchants as they all desired the status of Shogunate Purveyor (the highest rank among all merchant purveyors). With the merchants willing to go to any lengths to achieve the status, the increasingly violent conflicts spiralled out of the merchants' control until the intervention of 7th Shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate, Tokugawa Ietsugu. Summoning the merchants at the heart of the quarrel, Ietsugu told them to settle their conflicts by "battling it out fair and square".[1]

Upon the Shogun's command, the merchants formed a guild and, whenever a dispute arose, they would establish a venue of competition through the guild with the results of the competition being indisputable. Conflicts were settled in a simple 1-on-1 fist fight between combatants hired by opposing merchants. As such, merchants entrusted their desires to the fists of fighters.[1]

The first official Kengan Match was not between merchants, but was actually to decide who would become the next Shogun after Tokugawa Ietsugu's early death. The two branch families, the Owari Fief and the Kii Fief, put forward their fighters and the Kii Fief came out victorious, with their fighter being none other than the Lord of Kii Fief, Tokugawa Yoshimune, himself.[2]

The MatchesEdit

There are 1205 registered fighters in the Kengan matches with fighters having an average of 8.5 matches a year. Because of how frequent and brutal the fights are, fighters retiring early or even dying are by no means rare. However, they are promised decent compensation in return.[3]

Kengan Match History
Nogi Group
Yoshitake Real Estate
Tokita Ohma
Construction rights to new Makunouchi Building Tokita Ohma is victorious (5 minutes 17 seconds, K.O.)
Nogi Group wins the wager
Koyama Mart, Inc.
Nogi Group
Kaburagi Koji
Tokita Ohma
The "Rose" painting by Western artist van Cough (market value: ¥5 billion) Tokita Ohma is victorious (2 minutes 11 seconds, Forfeit)
Nogi Group wins the wager
Nogi Group
Sekibayashi Jun
Tokita Ohma
Gandai's endorsement in Nogi Group's proposal of a contest for the Kengan Association chairman's seat Tokita Ohma is victorious
Nogi Group wins the wager


There are a set of rules that keep the order of the Kengan Matches including:

  • Any conflicts between corporations outside of official Kengan matches are strictly forbidden.
  • Use of weapons by fighters is considered cheating and results in a disqualification.

Kengan AssociationEdit

The Kengan Association is made up of the managers of the Kengan Matches. They all represent prestigious businesses and it is customary for members of the association to stand witness to the match results.[4] There are currently 417 members in the Kengan Association[5] with the current and 58th chairman of the Kengan Association being Katahara Metsudo of Dainippon Bank.[6]

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To 'legally' become part of the Kengan Association, a person needs wealth and social standing in addition to the recognition of the Kengan Association. However, there are those who use the Kengan Association's authority to conduct unofficial matches with "membership" at stake, doing it for the money paid as the "challenger's fee". Despite the matches being unofficial, the referees are dispatched from the Kengan Association and the results of the match are absolute.[7] The "challenger's fee" is ¥100 million.

Kengan Annihilation TournamentEdit

Main article: Kengan Annihilation Tournament

When at least 50 members of the Kengan Association endorse it, a contest for the Kengan Association chairman's seat becomes eligible.[6] With the endorsements being gathered by Nogi Hideki of the Nogi Group, the current chairman of the Kengan Association, Katahara Metsudo, created the Kengan Annihilation Tournament, an influential event that will decide who becomes the next Kengan Association chairman.