Furumi Heihachi
Furumi Heihachi
Kanji: 古海平八
Romaji: Furumi Heihachi
Status: Alive
Age: 61
Gender: Male
Affiliations: Furumi Pharmaceuticals
Relatives: Furumi Sanpei (uncle)
Manga Debut: Chapter 7
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Furumi Heihachi (古海平八, Furumi Heihachi; "Heihachi Furumi") is the CEO of Furumi Pharmaceuticals, a member of the Kengan Association, a fellow member of the Four Dragons along with Nogi Hideki, and a lifelong friend and employer of Wakatsuki Takeshi. He is considered a revolutionary who is dissatisfied with the way the Kengan Association is being run.[1]


Furumi is a portly individual with a round chubby face with generally round facial features including a round nose and round eyes. He has thick black eyebrows and a thick black Jewfro. He is almost always seen wearing a smart formal business suit.


Furumi is a casually jovial individual in general. He is a very compassionate person who acts on his sense of duty;[1] this can be seen when he mentioned that as he runs a pharmaceutical company, he will treat anyone regardless of who they are, even if they are a criminal on death row.[2] Much like many of the Kengan Association members, Furumi is very composed, casually conversing with Dazai Yukio despite being threatened.[2]


At the age of 28, Furumi first met Wakatsuki Takeshi where he indirectly taught him how to control his strength by letting the boy hit him. As a result of the strike, Furumi was hospitalised for 6 months. The day he left the hospital, he went to play catch with Wakatsuki but ended up getting hospitalised again for a further 2 months. The next time Furumi left the hospital, he went bowling with Wakatsuki but ended up spraining his ankle, needing two weeks to recover.[3]

At the age of 41, he took over from his uncle and became the CEO of Furumi Pharmaceuticals.[3]


Notes & Trivia

  • He played rugby in middle and high school and was in the judo circle at university.[3]
  • Furumi graduated university at 29 after four gap years, two repeated years and a deferred year (due to being hospitalised by a 7 year old Wakatsuki).[3]


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